SIKI IM CROSS is a high performance activewear line designed with intelligent fabrics, ergonomic constructions and functional detailing for sports, exercise, outdoor activities, and other performance participations such as in the techno and hardcore punk scenes. All garments are made in Italy.

SIKI IM CROSS consists of three pillars of an athletic architecture principle forming ATHLETECTURE™, which enables the wearer better and smarter movement before, during and after exercise. these three are performance, technology, and design:


Developed to be conscious of setting and motive and the inherent connection to experience. The garments are intentional to sports and movements to provide superior quality and motion, but never confined to one space.


Constructed with attention to detail for purpose. Premium materials and technical fabrications function to enhance a more seamless performance. Intelligent sourcing and thoughtful construction with lasercutting and heatsealing perpetuate symbiotic physicality between wearer, garment and the environment.


Fueled by empathy and an appreciation for individuality, performance meets technology without sacrificing character. Contemporary silhouettes are reinterpreted for sport to support a subculture instead of an ideal. One’s attire and lifestyle need not be abandoned to preserve function and form equally.

SIKI IM CROSS is personal and an evolution for the non-traditional activist. Trophies and winning are at the bottom of priorities. These garments are for the non alpha fe/male and nonbinary for whom mindfulness and selfawareness are most important, and sitting with the demons is compassionate and a thrill.

The line is inclusive and is trying to portray a real and honest environment with all of its textures, layers, and diversity.

Sport is for everyone. Performance is everything. Movement is freedom.

For the poetic jock and the active nerd.